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Seller Tip #1

seller tip #1

Seller Tip #1: Curb Appeal

What is the number one goal when selling your house?  To make money!!!!  I am listing the steps you should take when considering to sell your home.  I know this seems like a lot, but if you follow these steps you will get the best price for your home!  It is well worth the time and energy!

I am going to start from the front of the house and move to the back!

Step 1:  Front of the house AKA “Curb Appeal”.  If you have watched any home shows on TV, you know the term “Curb Appeal”!  It is very important because this is the first thing buyers see, also, who wouldn’t want the best looking house on the block?!!

  1. Spray wash driveway, try to get off all oil stains
  2. How is the paint on your house? Does it need to be repainted?  Or just spray washed?
  3. Fresh Mulch! I can’t express this enough!  Fresh mulch makes your house pop!  Add in a few colorful plants as well!
  4. Trim the lawn and pull any weeds. This will be an ongoing process as when your house is on the market!
  5. Paint your garage door (if needed) here is a link for a faux wood look!

  1. Add solar powered spotlights to trees and landscape

Contact Kristin Chassey to sell your home for the best price!


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