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Seller Tip #5

seller tip #5

Seller Tip #5: Make Repairs

It is important to evaluate your home to make sure everything is in good working condition.  The home inspector will test everything and it is a great idea to fix anything before your home even hits the market, this will set you up for a smooth transaction!

Here is a list of some of the things home inspectors check for:

Sprinklers in working condition and not leaking

Fencing and gates in good condition

Stucco/siding in good condition. Note: This is extremely important if you have any dry rot in your siding! This is a must fix!

All light in working order: Easy fix to replace lightbulbsJ

Roof and gutters in good condition

Garage door in working order

All appliances in working order

Heat and AC in working order

All plumbing is in working order and no leaks

Smoke detectors in working order

All Electrical is in working order

Water Heater is in working order

You could always hire a home inspector beforehand and fix everything on the report to give you even more of a head start, and buyers love it!

Contact Kristin Chassey at to list your home!


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