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Seller Tip #9

seller tip #9

Seller Tip # 9: Kitchen

Kitchen –  The kitchen is home base for most people and the usually the most important.  If you have oak cabinets, I would suggest, either painting them white or staining them a darker color.  Oak is very outdated ad it is always a good idea to freshen up the kitchen!  Here are a few DIY kits:

Deep clean the whole kitchen including: countertops, backsplash, cabinetry, cook-top, sink, oven and dishwasher.  Take any magnets and/or personal photos off of the fridge.  Remove everything from your kitchen countertops, you can leave a coffee maker and a cooking utensil holder, but that is it!!!  Decorate with a cookbook on a book stand and a fruit bowl.  All dish cleaners and hand soaps should be out of sight!  Buyers want to see counter space, so it shouldn’t be cluttered.  See my Pinterest page for examples of how a kitchen should look!



2404 Saxton Circle Roseville, CA  Kitchen

staged kitchen

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