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Seller Tip #11

seller tip #11

Seller Tip #11: Bedrooms

You will want to take a fresh look at each bedroom.  Furniture in the Master Bedroom should include a bed, two nightstands and one or two dressers. In the other bedrooms, it really depends on the size of the room and size of the bed.  If you have a lot of furniture pieces, I would suggest placing the extra in storage.  Remember: The bigger each space looks, the better!  If the bedding is worn or a crazy pattern or color, I would suggest switching it out.  Light colors and simple patterns are best!  The cheapest place I have found for “staging bedding” is Ross.  You can get a King size set for $40!  Clear everything off nightstands and dressers and stage them. (Remember: no personal photos) Place two lamps on the nightstands and choose artwork that coordinates with the room.

Here is some inspiration:

Pinterest Board for Master Bedroom ideas:

Pinterest Board for “Other Bedrooms” ideas:

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