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Seller Tip #15

seller tip #15

Seller Tip #15: Garage

The garage, for most people, is the last place in the home they clean on a regular basis.  But guess what?  Every buyer looks in the garage!  This is where you can really stand out!  Like I have said before, renting a storage garage will be the best investment you make when selling your home.  So move everything out of your garage!  Just think, you will need to pack it and move it later anyway, so by doing this you are getting a head start!  The things you need to stay in your garage (landscaping supplies and tools) should be neatly organized on the wall or in cabinets. Then, paint the garage floor!!!  This makes such a huge impact on buyers!  Home depot has kits that run around $100.

I highly recommend painting the floor, but if you don’t have time, be sure to at least give it a good cleaning!


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