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Seller Tip #17

seller tip #17

Seller Tip #17: Home Inspection

I highly recommend sellers paying for a home inspection before their home is listed.  This will give you, as a seller, an advantage to other homes that are on the market, you will be one step ahead!  If there are repairs to be made, make them, you will have to do this anyway!  If buyers can see the inspection and that the repairs have already been made, they are ecstatic!  The fear buyers have most of the time is not knowing what they are getting themselves into, they have to put in an offer and then get an inspection to see if there is anything majorly wrong with the home, this is a stressful period for them!  You will be showing buyers that your home is in great condition before they even make an offer!  This makes the process a little less stressful for everyone involved 🙂

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