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Seller Tip #19

Seller Tip # 19: Home Binder

One thing you can do to impress buyers is make a “Home Binder.”  This is a binder full of information about your home that you will be leaving on your kitchen counter, so buyers can look through it when touring your home.  Make a trip to your local office supply store and purchase a 1″ to 1 1/2″ binder with a clear cover and a set of dividers.  You can use this cover I created, or you can create your own 🙂

Home Binder Chassey

You want to keep it neatly organized, so buyers can quickly flip through the entire contents of the binder.  The first thing you want to do is gather, or print out, the past 6 months of utility bills.  Buyers want to know what the average cost is per month.  Going back six months will give them a range of summer or winter.  Neatly organize these by month and place behind a divider labeled “Utilities.”

The next thing you want to provide is any appliance user manuals you have for the range, oven, and/or dishwasher.  Do not include your refrigerator manual or washer and dryer unless you plan on leaving them, but these are not included in a traditional sale. Place these behind a divider labeled “Manuals.”

Do you happen to have your floorplan?  Brownie points for you if you do!  Be sure to give this to your Realtor, as well as place a copy in this binder under a divider labeled, you guessed it “Floorplan.”

Other things you would include, if you have them, would be:

Solar information

Pool equipment and information

Spa equipment and information

Home Owners Association information

A subject that is very popular in my city is “Schools.”  Under this divider, highlight which schools children would attend if they lived at your address, along with the school scores.  Your Realtor can help you out with this:)

Another section you may want to add is “Things we love.”  Do you have a large master closet, is your garage access close to the kitchen to make for an easy grocery haul, or maybe you have extra friendly neighbors, whatever perks your home has, highlight them!

home book dividers

Contact Kristin Chassey at to list your home!


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