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Staging A Kitchen On A Budget

staging a kitchen on a budget

The kitchen is a focal point of a home, and buyers want to be impressed!  It doesn’t take a lot of money to stage a kitchen!  Just follow these steps:

1.  Clear everything off of the counter including the toaster, coffee maker, dish soap, etc.

2.  Clean kitchen from top to bottom, make it sparkle!

3.  Place out a faux fruit basket, you can buy a cute fruit bowl at Home Goods for less than $10 and the faux fruit at Hobby Lobby (try to get it on sale)

4.  Place a cookbook on display, opened to a really colorful page!

5.  Place some matching cooking utensils in a utensil holder next to the stovetop, I love this one:

6.  Add a faux, or real, floral piece!

That’s it!  Your kitchen is now “Show Ready”…..Happy Selling!

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