Why List With Me?

I am a hard worker and I work hard to get your home sold for top dollar and fast.  I don’t just take photos and put it on the market.  That’s what other agents do.  My tactics will have you amazed at how hard I work to find you the best home offers fast.


staging collage

I’m going to bring in a professional stager to stage your home so that it makes potential home buyers feel like they just walked into the home of their dreams. We want them to imagine how light and bright and how clean and organized they would keep it if it were their home.


Photography collage

With professional photography included in all of my home listings I’m going to make sure your home looks straight out of a magazine! I use the most advanced and professional grade photographers and equipment to make sure your home is seen at the best angles and natural lighting. I may even offer twilight and elevated photography options to take your photos to a whole other level. The first thing buyers see online is your home’s opening photo. It needs to look magazine quality and it will!



Next, we need to let the entire community know about your home for sale. I’m going to market and advertise it online and add a photo montage on my YouTube Channel. Your home not only goes in the local MLS system but all the other local and nationwide real estate sites. I post your home to Craigslist.com so that people and investors will come across it and we tell Craigslist about your open house date. Most importantly, I list your home and your open house invite on our partner listing site at Realtor.com.  Your home will be featured as a “Showcase Listing.”  I subscribe and invest in this service to ensure your home is seen and never missed.

We’ll share it with thousands of potential home buyers on my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ pages and more. I’m going to run advertising across Facebook targeting over 100,000 quality buyers. I target the right type of people based on age, income and zip code location so that we can bring you the best quality home offers for your home. I want your home to sell fast but we also need your home to bring in top and best offers.



Most listing agents don’t do open houses. In fact, there is said to be only a 2% chance your house will sell through an open house but what other Realtors fail to recognize is that an Open House isn’t about opening a house. When people attend your home that first weekend it hits the market they along with many other Realtors will provide us with necessary feedback. How do we compare to the other listings in the area? Are we priced fair? Is our home missing something? Should we consider fixing or replacing something you may of first thought was not necessary. This insight and feedback will ensure both you and I are crossing our I’s and dotting our T’s. It’s important that I do everything possible in marketing your home.

Contact me to list your home!

Kristin Chassey




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